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The Self- Leadership Programme Launch

“As an entrepreneur, particularly in the early years I was always scared of failure and driven to want to succeed.”

As an entrepreneur, particularly in the early years I was always scared of failure and driven to want to succeed. I was a workaholic and did not take time out. Therefore unfortunately back in 2009 I suffered a brain spasm, initially suspected bleed on brain. In the end the diagnosis was being too stressed and overworked. The positive to take out of it was that I restructured my business, took people on to support me, that were often better at certain things than I was, to be able to spread the workload and lead my business. It was also a reset on my life as a warning to look after my mental health and well-being.

This lead to the The Graham Shapiro Foundation being setup in 2019, supporting mental health, well-being, innovation and young entrepreneurialism in the UK.

12 months ago I met the incredible Justin Haroun. Instant connection with all aspects of our life but more importantly the ‘light bulb’ moment between us on a concept around a Self-Leadership Programme. Supporting young people to become who they want to be and also their mental health and well-being.

The Self-Leadership Programme, through scientifically-proven diagnostic tools, will seek to highlight biological indicators of common unhealthy symptoms incurred by young entrepreneurs, such as burnout or fatigue. The Programme will then seek to develop resilience tactics to help the participating young people to maintain a wellbeing balance, and to prevent society from being robbed of their passion and entrepreneurial spirit due to chronic medical ailments. Due to passion and enthusiasm, the wellbeing of entrepreneurs is often overlooked within the business world and we are so pleased to be on board in one of the first initiatives to support this within a university in the UK.

The Graham Shapiro Foundation are proud to support this programme, creatively and financially, to ensure that students are being supported with their Mental Health at the start of their business journey; something they can carry throughout their careers. The programme is dedicated to empowering University of Westminster students to become leaders of their own lives!

This week was the Programme launch event. Thanks to all of our guests including Joe McCarthy and Ruvini Ranatunga from Mind and Patrick Luong from​ YoungMinds. Thanks to the brilliant work of Justin Haroun and Kate Fismer in the Centre for Resilience and all involved. Jordan Scammell MInstF. BrettF. Brendon Noble Prof M. Gulrez Zariwala Jade Shapiro Joyce Sarpong MBA, FRSA Dr Irene Brew-Riverson Isabella Cooper Linsey Cole Paul Dwyer Ebenezer Odutolu-Olusanya Peter Bonfield Jennie Baptiste Jules Attanayake

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