Graham has been involved over the last 10 years with various Charities. One of his companies GSD® have created visual communication at no cost to continue to help raise awareness and support worthy causes.

Graham Shapiro also setup The Graham Shapiro Foundation in 2019 in order to establish a real way to support mental health, wellbeing and to inspire innovation and young entrepreneurialism in the UK.

He has also been involved in individual challenges to raise money for Charity including:

2012 – The London Marathon for The Mental Health Foundation.

2013 – Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100 miles for MIND.

2015 – GR100 Ironman for The GR Foundation.

2016 – Ironman Staffordshire for The Mase Group.

2016 – Ironman Barcelona for The Mase Group.

2017 – Ironman Switzerland for The Mase Group.

2018 – Ironman Finland for The Mase Group.

2019 – Ironman Portugal for The Graham Shapiro Foundation.

Graham Shapiro Foundation