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The Graham Shapiro Foundation

The Graham Shapiro Foundation – Support. Mentor. Inspire.

The Graham Shapiro Foundation – Support. Mentor. Inspire.

After a few years of planning I am proud that my foundation will be setup in 2019.

There will be two aspects to the foundation that I am extremely passionate about.


Mental Health and Well-being for the young and old.

The Graham Shapiro Foundation will continue to raise money and support mental health and well-being for charities like: The Mase Group, MIND, Heads Together, Dementia UK and Help for Heroes.


Design and Innovation Enterprise.

I find it rewarding to ‘tell my story’ with a view to inspiring young designers and business leaders.

I enjoy highlighting new initiatives and ideas, encouraging, educating and empowering innovative entrepreneurs to achieve their potential. I want to help them to believe in their dreams.

Innovation competitions will be set-up with Universities, they will be designed to highlight and reward students, who are innovative entrepreneurs who have identified a commercial opportunity based on their research and have the drive and vision to transform innovation into enterprise.
There will be prize money to contribute to further development of the idea.