The Graham Shapiro Foundation Enterprise Challenge Award 2021

The Graham Shapiro Foundation Enterprise Challenge Award 2021

The Graham Shapiro Foundation Enterprise Challenge Award was conceived as an initiative to identify innovative business concepts. We could not have anticipated the response this would generate and as Founder, I am gratified, delighted and encouraged that it has been immediately taken up so strongly with such energy and commitment.

Our mission was to empower young entrepreneurs to recognise in themselves the seeds of their future success. As the students of today, they represent nothing less than the business leaders of tomorrow in the UK. They will achieve this by striving to make their business the best it can possibly be.

In offering my congratulations, I fully recognise that this is a collaborative effort and therefore want to thank all our excellent partners.

The University of Chester provided the platform upon which the Enterprise Challenge was constructed and I should like to thank Chancellor Gyles Brandreth and Vice-Chancellor Eunice Simmons who as ever, show exemplary leadership.

The Business School at Churchill House is itself the very model of enterprise. To Dr. Kurt Allman, Dr. Connie Hancock, Dr Henry Sidsaph and the marketing team at The University of Chester, my sincere thanks for their support. They extended every cooperation and this is most evident by the scale of what has been achieved and indeed, the potential this holds for the future by working together in harmony.

I particularly want to thank our expert judges: Alissa Koopal, Cody Gapore, Joel Blake OBE, John Mohin OBE, Martin Nolan and Rob McKay. My Trustee Mark Hamill and his company Arcet Global, Richard Kennedy and Jenny Noynay for the incredible online awards platform and virtual ceremony.

To everyone who took part, I firmly believe that the raw materials for business enterprise are the good ideas that can come from anywhere and emerge at any time, showing above all the secret of success is that elusive quality personal endeavour. My congratulations to you all.

Finally to our winner Pop Specs and founders Daniel Barnes and Lina Tejoprayitno. Congratulations to a great concept which has huge business potential. We look forward to supporting you.

You can view the awards ceremony: