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Harvard Business School – ‘Disruptive Strategy’

Harvard has a well-earned reputation as the world’s leading business school and now I know why.

Having just completed my course of study in ‘Disruptive Strategy’, I have a new found respect for the key  issues that need to be addressed, analysed and fully dissected, in detail. As a result, I am conversant with disruption theory and the various concepts of innovation, all so very relevant to the best interests of my businesses.

Having studied real-time business case studies, developed specifically for a course of study at Harvard Business School, I have acquired valuable twenty-first century insight in to formulating strategy. I am honoured to have studied under eminent American academic, Professor Clayton M. Christensen, who developed the theory of disruption innovation, now widely regarded as perhaps the most influential business idea of the 21st Century. His sad demise, earlier this year, leaves a void, I know, but also an academic legacy that is destined to become valued and appreciated for being so incredibly profound, prescient and relevant. I consider myself privileged to have studied under Clayton and to have the benefit of his great wisdom and insight. His teaching has encouraged me to go into the future with confidence.

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