Walpole Brands of Tomorrow 2022

Walpole Brands of Tomorrow 2022

I was honoured in March 2022 to give my whole-hearted support for the Walpole ‘Brands of Tomorrow’ programme, a truly inspirational initiative with real depth and substance.

The work that has been orchestrated under the auspices of Walpole has succeeded in offering encouragement to aspiring entrepreneurs by acknowledging their consistently impressive spirit of endeavour. The programme that has evolved since its launch fifteen years ago, remains both prescient and vital to the future of the British luxury sector.

Of perhaps even greater significance, this constitutes firm evidence of British brands agitating to showcase leadership and innovation in a sector that is crucial to our sense of national pride.

Congratulations this year to Circle of Style, Decree, Feldspar, Lauren Dickinson Clarke, Luxury Promise, LIHA Beauty, Marion Ayonote, Ocean Bottle, Petit Pli, Savin London, With Nothing Underneath and YOLKE.