The modern legend, Jurgen Klopp

The modern legend, Jurgen Klopp

As a lifelong Liverpool F.C fan of 45 years, I am fortunate enough to say I follow and have worked alongside this beautiful Football Club. My dad, a Scouser, who unfortunately has passed, will be looking down with pride. We did it dad!

I feel there also needs to be a special mention for the modern legend, that is Jurgen Klopp.

He does not need a league title to prove it. As a leader myself in business I find his style of management and leadership truly inspirational on all counts.

With his unique style, he has managed to not only to create a world class team but brought players, staff, the community and the whole of the wonderful City of Liverpool together.

He has a way of getting the best out of everyone that surrounds him and also makes them feel very special at the same time.

Champions of England, Europe and the World 2020, he has again put this great Club out there at the highest global scale in football terms.

What Jurgen has created at Liverpool will be remembered forever. YNWA.

The best manager in the world currently? He just might be – even if as a very humble man would never admit it himself.