Great catchup with Arian Kalantari

Great catchup with Arian Kalantari

Good to spend some time with director of Ladbible, Arian Kalantari, a guy I’ve admired for sometime. It was also inspiring to listen to his Q&A session at the E2E #ScaleUp2Success in Manchester.

LADbible are best known for their viral video creation. In July 2017, LADbible were the most watched video creator across the globe with 2.8 billion video views according to Tubular Labs’ monthly rankings. In 2018 LADbible won several Cannes Lions awards include the prestigious grand Prix prize for their Trash Isles campaign.

In July 2017 Tubular Lab’s ranked LADbible at No. 3 globally in the Top Media & Entertainment Properties, behind only Walt Disney and BuzzFeed and ahead of Time Warner, Comcast and Axel Springer SE.

In the same month Tubular Labs also rank LADbible as the No. 1 ‘Media & Entertainment Creator’ in the world.

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