‘29MR’ A Hub for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

‘29MR’ A Hub for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Immediately prior to Christmas 2022, as a Partner and visiting Professor at The University of Westminster, I was invited to inspect progress at ‘29MR’, the eight-story high educational facility currently under construction at 29 Marylebone Road, London.

The University of Westminster has successfully secured a £5.8m grant from higher education regulator the Office for Students (OfS) to build innovative training spaces in a planned centre for employability and enterprise at 29 Marylebone Road.

I was shown around by a delegation from the University, which included Justin Haroun, Linsey Cole, Jordan Scammel, Daniella Rodriguez and Professor Paul Dwyer.

I believe this new centre will prove to be a focal point for the University to provide employability and enterprise support, backed up by a truly inspiring range of employer engagement activities, all destined to enhance the student experience. Personally, I could not be more delighted or impressed by the array of state-of-the-art training facilties and networking areas this building will have. It will be a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, not just in London but across the world. Congratulations to so many people involved at The University of Westminster for making this happen!

The new University of Westminster educational centre is scheduled to open on time, as planned, in Spring 2024.

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